Moving Puzzle privacy policy

The Moving Puzzle game does not collect any personal data and does not "phone home" at all. It just runs on your device, and that's it. If the game crashes and you chose to share the crash logs with Apple, I will have access to those logs to try and figure out why the game crashed. This is the only purpose of those logs, and to the best of my knowledge they do not contain any personally identifiable information.

The Moving Puzzle website, too, does not collect any of your data whatsoever. It's just a plain old fashioned website, serving you information and not recording anything.

The only personal information I might possibly collect from you, is if you personally send me an e-mail. That e-mail might linger in my inbox for a while even after I replied to you, and I might contact you again later in relation to the subjects we discussed. If you want me to delete your e-mail, or just don't want me to contact you anymore, just let me know and I will of course comply.

I'm just a guy doing this as a hobby, not a company. I am really not interested in your personal data, don't collect it, and am certainly not going to sell it to anyone.

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